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Thinking about hiring a Bee Exterminator in Connecticut?  Our Bee Removal experts are ready to help you get rid of those pesky bees.  CT Wildlife Removal handles Bee Removal in Litchfield County, Connecticut with ease.  Getting rid of bees is a skill based trade.  Anyone can go buy a can of Bee Killer from Home Depot only to come back inside with a dozen bee stings and a can-do-attitude to try again tomorrow.  Good luck on that!  Removing bees isn’t as easy as it looks.


Bees are often considered to be valuable to the surroundings as they function to spread pollen, but often it becomes difficult to tolerate such bees by you and your family. They can be irritating and also the stings of bee can often be dangerous, for those who are allergic to the bee stings. 

Have you ever thought about what does it need to remove bees in CT without harming anyone?  You can read it below!



It is very essential to recognize all the activities and behavior of the bees, as some people mix them with wasps and they both are treated differently. So it is vital to understand both the bees and wasps.

  • The body of a wasp is smooth while all the bees are hairy
  • The bodies of the bees are thicker as compared to wasps
  • Bee’s stays activated throughout, living off for the preservation of food and heat while wasps disappear during winter as they hibernate.
  • After the first sting, bees die. In comparison with bees, wasps can sting many times and they do not die even
  • The colonies of bees are larger as compared to wasps with upward around 75,000 bees and wasps around 10,000

For the honey bees, we must know that they use wax to form their nests which are extracted from the abdominal glands. When any intruders (referred to as humans) come towards their nests, they protect their nest and do not allow anyone to enter. Pheromones are released by the bees during stinging that gather other bees as well to attack.

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We are experienced for many years to find and to remove beehives with the help of the easiest yet effective way, our pest control professionals keep in mind to keep you and your family safe during the whole beehive process.

Make it sure not to touch the beehives without the correct equipment and precautions if they are present at your place, we offer several useful and friendly processes that help to get rid of bees, keeping the ecosystem clean. You need to keep this in mind to check for the method your CT bee Exterminator is using to remove beehives.

Just like any other pest control company in the US such as Stewart Termite & Pest Control, we will help to get away from all the present nests that are near your home or area, and we will try our best to make it sure that in the future you do not face such a problem!

CT Wildlife Removal has Bee Removal Services available in Litchfield County, Connecticut including Colebrook, Bethlehem, Bridgwater, Washington, Roxbury, Sharon, Thomaston, Canaan, Winchester, Kent, Woodbury, New Hartford, Morris, New Canaan, Warren, Cornwall, Winsted, Goshen, Torrington, Plymouth, Barkhamstead, Watertown, Salisbury and Harwinton.

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