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Are you searching for the right way to eliminate moles from your yard in Litchfield County, Connecticut?  CT Wildlife Removal recommends Mole trapping. You may easily get the mole poisons available at the hardware store that helps to catch and remove moles, mole baits often works. People often spend money on mole traps, gopher poison and mole along with yard grub control services that do not work properly even and then they get frustrated because of it.  If you need help with professional Mole Removal in Litchfield County, Connecticut give us a call today.



Firstly, we should know a bit about the behaviour of the mole. Usually, moles do not stay in hibernation mode and are energetic for the whole year. Their behaviour entirely changes in winter and they use the deeper food source into the ground. People living in places like Litchfield County, Connecticut often need to get assistance from a mole exterminator in the mid of winters when there is a warm spell to trap the moles. I usually, for the moles, go with contracts every year.  Connecticut winters are cold and we see winters over there but I am astonished to see mole trapping over there.

In winters we commonly see mole trapping in New Milford as it is much warmer near the water. There is some of the important reason due to which I set annually contracts for the trapping of the mole.

  1. moles disperse around two times from the nest
  2. There are two litters moles have each year.
  3. Moles are usually territorial that is why they will fight to the limit over territory.

It’s always better for the customers to do mole trapping annually. It can often be done bi-weekly, or next month and ultimately you can get a new mole.

At CT Wildlife Removal we believe that the best way to keep my customers happy and satisfied with the way I charge them. Get your Free Quote on Yard Mole Trapping by calling 203-403-2451 I am a mole trapper as my customers believe in me and they repeatedly ask me for trapping the mole for these mole pests.

The best way is mole trapping and due to this I usually trap one mole for a few years now. For others, we can predict that the moles will appear again or will vanish completely


I prefer using two styles of mole traps while mole trapping. One is the one which goes underground. You can only see a flag on the top that helps me to identify where the mole trap actually ends. There are two sets of traps. I can easily use 6 traps or 12-mole traps and this purely depends on my ground. The other style I use to get rid of the yard moles is a mole trap that easily sticks away from the lawn.

We do not find the star-nosed moles in CT but they are always at an area near the water.  They prefer swimming instead of going through their tunnels. You may find Eastern mole trapping widely in Connecticut. We do mole extraction throughout Litchfield County, Connecticut including these towns Litchfield, Salisbury, Watertown, Harwinton, Barkhamstead, Torrington, Plymouth, Goshen, Cornwall, Winstead, Bethelehem, Bridgewater, Washington, Sharon, Roxbury, Thomaston, Canaan, Winchester, Kent, Woodbury, New Hartford, Morris, New Canaan and Warren.

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