Skunk Removal


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Imagine getting sprayed by a skunk while mowing the lawn, outside playing with your kids or walking in from a long day at work.  We do Skunk Removal in CT and we do it odorlessly! Trapping a skunk without it spraying is makes you feel like MacGyver!  Odorless Skunk Removal is a wildlife control specialists secret sauce.  Skunks aren’t easy to trap, but there’s a skunk trapping technique that works perfectly.  The real trick is to prevent skunks from living rent free in your shed, under your deck or in crawl spaces.

We get many nuisance wildlife complaints in Litchfield County, Connecticut but skunks are one of the most common.  Many people are looking online for Skunk Removal in Connecticut the second they see a skunk in their yard.  We seldom get a call about a coyote or a snake that’s big enough to raise an alarm.  The problem with skunks is the smell.  They feast on insects by digging holes in your lawn through a process called grubbing.  Skunk spray can last for month so if you see a skunk in your yard multiple times – give us a call immediately.



Which is worse, getting stung by bees or getting sprayed by a skunk?  We’d take a bee sting any day.  However, if you’re deathly allergic to bee stings you might want to keep that skunk around.  Skunks eat the bees living in your ground such as Yellow Jackets and Hornets.  These weasel family relatives will dig up the entire rest and consume the bee larva as well.  Skunks will actually eat pretty much anything.  These mammals have been known to snack on bugs, berries, birdseed, cat & dog food and even garbage.  They’ve been known to ruin golf courses by grubbing.  If you see cone shaped holes in your lawn – chances are you’ve got a skunk problem.