Squirrel Removal


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The most common Wildlife Removal call we get in Connecticut is for squirrels.  Squirrel removal and trapping in CT is what we’re known for because of the pure volume of squirrels getting into homes and businesses every week.  Red, Gray and Flying Squirrels are the most common types of squirrel that terrorizes homeowners throughout Litchfield County, CT. Most people have found the occasional squirrel raiding their bird feeder, but you’d be surprised by how interesting squirrel related calls we get.

Squirrel Removal Calls:

  • “I think there’s a squirrel in my attic!”
  • “Why on earth would squirrels chew on my siding?”
  • “This darn squirrel has chewed open my soffits and is living there”
  • “I’m thinking about making a fire, but there might be a squirrel nesting in my Chimney
  • “That squirrel is raiding my bird feeder again!  Can I just soak the birdseed in alcohol?”  (please don’t!)
  • “There is literally a squirrel running loose in my house!  You can come over today right?”

Yes.  We do same-day squirrel removal for New Milford, CT and Litchfield County, Connecticut.

(203) 403-2451



“I think there’s a squirrel in my attic!”  That squirrel removal call was from a lady by the name of Jacklin in Kent, CT.  She had heard all sorts of scrambling and scratching noises coming from the attic.  Squirrels, like many animals claw through your siding to get into your attic because it’s a safe place to raise their young.  The less predators these young squirrel kits are born blind and depend heavily on their mothers for the first two to three months.  It’s a lot easier for baby squirrels (kits) to be raising in your comfortable attic than in a tree in your backyard.

Remember back in high school when you first got your drivers license?  That feeling of freedom where you could go where you want and never ask your parents for a ride again…  that’s how squirrels feel when they first make their way into an attic.  Your attic is safe, dry and a lot roomier than a hole in a tree.  Once they make it into one house’s attic they never go back to the tree again!